About us

The Glasgow Family Group, originally known as (The Glasgow Area Parents Support Group) was established by Doctor Oman Craig of Yorkhill Hospital and Doctor Jim Farqhuar of Edinburgh Sick Kids Hospital in May 1977.

All meetings were to be held at Yorkhill Hospital. The first committee came up with the idea of having a set programme of monthly meetings which is still being followed to this present day.

The first letters introducing the group stated that the main aim of the group was: `to bring together parents of diabetic children to exchange experiences and ideas and help one another.` This still is our main aim today.

The group is linked to Yorkhill Diabetes Service and is a branch of Diabetes Scotland. We organise social events to suit all age groups. As well as events to include siblings, parents and carers.

Our Membership is completely free and open to everyone. We are all "volunteers" who give our time freely for the group.

The video above shows one of our outings. It was a fantastic day enjoyed by all.  Why don't you come along and join in, we would be delighted to meet you.