Freestyle Libre - Update 1 May 2018

Update from Yorkhill - Children with Diabetes website.....

Many of you will have read that the Freestyle Libre is 'on tariff'. This means that it is possible for it to be prescribed in the NHS. However, this is not the same as 'everyone will get a Libre'. The Greater Glasgow & Clyde Health Board has just agreed that the Libre will be made available to around a third of Type 1 patients in Glasgow and Clyde (will ONLY apply if you have GGC GP). The criteria and implementation plan will be agreed in the next two or three weeks then patients/families will be invited for assessment of eligibility and training. Please be patient a little longer - the team doesn’t have any further news just now. If your GP is in Lanarkshire or Highland Health Board jurisdiction Libre is not available and you might consider writing to your Board Chief Executive and MSP

Update from Diabetes Scotland 

Diabetes Scotland is campaigning to ensure that every person whose life can be improved by Flash GM is given the opportunity to use the device.  As you may be aware, only three of the 14 Health Boards in Scotland are currently prescribing FreeStyle Libre. We will be meeting the Scottish Health Technologies Group in June to give evidence and would like to include many patient stories to demonstrate the benefits Flash GM can provide to a person, and their family, who is living with diabetes.   We’re eager to hear from people living with diabetes about their experiences of Flash GM