Freestyle Libre - Update 25 May 2018

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Freestyle Libre - Update 25 May 2018

Many of you will have read that the Freestyle Libre is 'on tariff'. This means that it is possible for it to be prescribed in the NHS. However, this is not the same as 'everyone will get a Libre'. The Greater Glasgow & Clyde Health Board has just agreed that the Libre will be made available to around a third of Type 1 patients in Glasgow and Clyde (will ONLY apply if you have GGC GP).

If we believe you are eligible, you will receive a letter in the next week indicating what to do next.

The full criteria will be:

  • Be at least 4 years old
  • Have a GP in the GGC Health Board area
  • Be using intensive insulin therapy (this means multiple daily injections [typically 4 or 5 per day] or insulin pump)
  • Agree to attend a locally provided Libre education session
  • Agree to scan glucose levels no less than ten times per day
  • Agree to share glucose data with your diabetes clinic
  • Your diabetes team are satisfied you have the required diabetes self-management skills
  • FINALLY you must complete the online teaching modules in Libre Academy (see below) and provide a completion certificate prior to attending the local teaching

If funding is approved but the criteria are not fulfilled, then it will be withdrawn.

If your GP is in Lanarkshire or Highland Health Board jurisdiction Libre is not available and you might consider writing to your Board Chief Executive and MSP

PLEASE NOTE: If you are setting up a Libre Academy account, you must select "Freestyle Libre" from the dropdown box. You DO NOT need to enter a serial number.

We have received certificates without any indication of the name of the person with diabetes - please include this information in your e-mail.