Good News on the Diabetes Service

Good News on the Diabetes Service

It's Business As Usual

We got the news today that the diabetes service will not be disrupted by a move to the new hospital on the Southern General site and will be evolving into an even better service for our children and the children of tomorrow.  For now, the service will be staying in Ward 6B at Yorkhill until a purpose built center can be created in a different locaction, hopefully in approximatley 2 - 3 years time.

The proposed move to the new complex at the Southern, was proving to be more disruptive than constructive and could have depleted the service, resulting in a lesser level of care.

The new look service will also aim to cover a wider age range by rolling out a 0 - 25 yrs policy.  This is fantastic for eveyrone as it also addresses the problems of "Transition" that we all worry about.

We will all still need to pull together in the coming months as there will be much to do now that this has been settled.

If you want to read the full letter we recieved confirming this, then click the link below: